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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

5 Most Expensive Places in the World for Office Space

If you are looking for commercial office space in Delhi NCR, you may feel that the prices are exorbitant. However, there are some office markets in the world that are even more outrageously priced.
Here is a list of 5 of the most expensive places in the world to find commercial office space:

1. West End, London
West End in London has the distinction of being the most expensive place in the world for renting or buying office space. This is because the demand outstrips the supply. On an average, the annual occupancy cost for each square meter in West End is about £ 2,344.

2. CBD, Hong Kong
The Central Business District in Hong Kong is home to numerous multinational companies. The limited supply of land on this island has resulted in the costs for office spaces skyrocketing. With just 23 million square feet available for office space, Hong Kong is the second-most expensive market for commercial and office spaces.

3. 5th Madison Avenue, New York
The Big Apple has always been an expensive city when it comes to real estate. So, it is not surprising that the city has made it to this list. Fifth Madison Avenue is home to fine-dining restaurants, upscale theatres, businesses, and shops. Hence, it is one of the most expensive places in the US and the world when it comes to leasing or buying office space.

4. Zona Sul, Rio De Janeiro
Rio hosted the last FIFA World Cup and this has caused property prices to climb amazing new heights. However, when it comes to premium office space, Rio has always been expensive, particularly, the Zona Sul area. It is a unique location with limited supply of space. Hence, prices are exorbitant in this area.

5. Connaught Place, New Delhi
Well, you were right in assuming that Delhi property prices are expensive. However, it is Connaught Place that is the most expensive area in the city, because the demand is more than the supply. Its central location and superior connectivity make it the most sought-after area in the capital.

When you are looking for office space, don’t let price become the deciding factor. Instead, look at the amenities, accessibility, location, and transport facilities in the area to decide whether the place is a right fit for your business venture.

Monday, 2 April 2018

Facilities to look for in Retail stores in Noida

Noida is a systematically planned city that is a part of the NCR region. Noida has been classified as one of the special economic zones (SEZs) of India, which has led to a terrific economic and industrial growth in this region. This in turn has opened a large number of employment opportunities here and thus, people from across India are migrating to Noida. With the gradual rise in the population of this city, it is the perfect time to invest in the commercial property in Noida as well. Since a large number of people are residing in the city, one can expect to get a good number of prospective customers for the retail stores here.

Of late, a number of top-class modern shopping complexes and high-end retail plazas have flourished across Noida. The high per capita income of this city indicates that its residents have a good buying power, which would consistently lead to maximum profitability and growth for any retail business that has been set up here.

With so many real estate companies offering retail spaces in Noida, it becomes quite a challenging task to choose the best retail property. However, one should look for the below-mentioned amenities and facilities when choosing a retail space, as this will help attract the maximum number of customers:

  • 100% power backup, in order to guarantee that no interruptions or inconveniences are caused in case of sudden power outage.
  • There should be enough parking spaces within the commercial property for the use of the employees and the shop-owners, as well as for the consumers and other visitors.
  • In addition, the complex should have a beautifully decorated and expansive atrium area.
  • A special play area for the kids at the complex is another benefit.
  • There are numerous commercial complexes with distinctive entertainment units and a number of attractive features, which work towards increasing the footfall.
  • Moreover, there should be fine dining restaurants and food courts, serving a varied range of culinary delights.
These facilities would guarantee that all the customers visiting the complex, and ultimately your retail store, have a pleasant shopping experience. In order to guarantee the maximum footfall, one should invest in a retail space that is close to the business hub of the city and is easily accessible from all major parts of the NCR.

Friday, 30 March 2018

3 Reasons to Invest in a Fully Furnished Flat in Noida

Noida is a prominent, systematically planned industrial city of the country that comes under the National Capital Region of India. Over the last decade, Noida has emerged as one of the prime IT hubs of India. Numerous multinational companies that offer IT, BTO, KPO, BPO, and ITeS services have set up their base in Noida. In addition to that, several media houses and enterprises associated with power and energy have also been set up in this city. The presence of these diverse industries has led to the significant economic growth and development of this city. In fact, the Noida Authority is now one of the most prosperous civic bodies of India. Apart from being a financially flourishing city, Noida also provides its residents with an exceptionally environment-friendly neighborhood. It is regarded as the greenest city of the country and enjoys approximately 50% green cover.

Noida now houses the offices of a number of national and multinational corporates. With the development of these companies, the avenues for employment in Noida have also increased to a great extent. Owing to the superior employment opportunities present here, there has been an influx of migrants in this city, majorly comprising of young professionals. These millennials opt to invest in fully furnished flats in areas like Sector 32 in Noida as they come complete with all modern amenities ideal for a comfortable urbane living. Here are some of the major advantages of investing in a fully furnished flat in Noida: 

  • Moving heavy furnishing items to a home can be quite an expensive and troublesome process. You can avoid these hassles by opting to live in a fully furnished apartment instead.
  • You can start living in a fully furnished apartment right after its procurement, as almost all the necessary utilities are already present there. This not only saves the precious time but also the hassle of going shop hopping to buy furnishings that will be utilitarian as well as stylish.
  • The interiors of these apartments are usually designed and styled by professionals. Therefore, you would not have to hire any interior decorator in order to decorate your home to make it livable.
In order to buy a furnished flat in sector 32 of Noida, or it’s any other neighborhood; you can easily check out the websites of some of the most renowned property developers operating in the NCR.